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Bethesda Tax Relief

Every business and earning individual has tax responsibilities towards the government. This responsibility might be hard to fulfill at times due to financial hardship and the accumulating costs of daily necessities.

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If you’re looking to reduce your tax liabilities, our Bethesda tax relief experts can offer professional help!

Defense Tax Partners is a law firm acclaimed for its track record of satisfied clients. Our tax attorneys are knowledgeable about all the tax relief programs offered by the federal and state governments. We will assess which program you are qualified for and prepare all the requirements to secure the approval of your application.

When it comes to resolving your tax debts, remember that acting promptly is of utmost importance. Reduce and satisfy your tax liabilities with us today!

Call Defense Tax Partners at (410) 847-2588 for your Free Consultation with a Bethesda Tax Relief expert!

How to Get Tax Relief

Not every individual or business can pay their taxes problem-free. Others may have encountered mishaps (e.g., job loss, accidents, illness, etc.) where their finances suffered. This is why Defense Tax Partners aims to help our clients secure assistance from various Bethesda tax relief options.

Bethesda Tax Relief tax levy segment block 300x199Whether you are looking to reduce your tax amount or settle your tax debts, our tax attorney knows just what program will best help your situation. We will not only assess your case and determine the best tax relief option for you, but we’ll also make sure that your application will be approved.

Included in the tax relief options you may choose from are the following:

1. Tax deductions – These pertain to your contributions and expenses that can be deducted from your taxable income. Itemized tax deductions in Bethesda include:

  • Related expenses to adopting a child with special needs through a nonprofit or public adoption agency
  • Related expenses to adopting a child without special needs
  • Unreimbursed expenses incurred by foster parents on behalf of their adopted child
  • Military retirement income if you’re 55 or older
  • MIlitary retirement income when you’re younger than 55
  • Purchase of Bethesda Prepaid College Trust
  • Contributions to Bethesda college investment plan
  • Unreimbursed travel and lodging expenses and lost wages incurred by donating an organ

There are lots of other tax deductions that could help make your liabilities easier to satisfy. Talk to our Bethesda tax relief experts to know more.

2. Tax credits – Bethesda offers various tax credits that you can deduct from your tax amount. These include:

  • Earned income tax credit
  • Student loan debt relief credit
  • Child and dependent care credit
  • State poverty level credit
  • Quality teacher incentive credit
  • Venison donation credit
  • Endowments of Bethesda historically black colleges and universities

3. Tax exclusions – These are incomes or assets that are not taxable, excluding them from your reported gross income. Bethesda has a standard deduction that can reduce a taxpayer’s Maryland adjusted gross income by 15%.

4. Tax debt forgiveness – If your issue concerns a huge tax debt plus the accrual of hefty fines and penalties, Defense Tax Partners can help you apply for a debt forgiveness program. The Internal Revenue Service is strict when it comes to the program’s eligibility guidelines. They will carefully assess your tax debt amount and financial capacity to pay it in full.

The tax debt forgiveness programs that you can apply for include:

  • Installment Agreements
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)
  • Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

We know how overwhelming all the tax laws and regulations are. Call Defense Tax Partners, and we will help you get tax debt relief in the most efficient and least stressful way possible.

Credible Bethesda Tax Relief Professionals

Paying your taxes promptly and correctly are two things that you shouldn’t forget nor cheat on. The IRS and the Comptroller of Bethesda take tax issues very seriously. If they believe that you still owe them, they will exercise every legal method to get the payment they deserve.

Tax Attorneys

If you think paying your full tax amount or tax debts will only become harder, talk to Defense Tax Partners immediately. We have an expert team of Bethesda tax relief lawyers that can alleviate your tax woes as soon as possible!

Once we get hold of the facts about your case, we can evaluate your situation and lead you to the most suitable solution. We can help you in completing and organizing the necessary paperwork required for the tax relief option you’ll apply for. More importantly, we can legally represent you in every meeting or negotiation with the IRS or the Comptroller of Bethesda.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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If you want to reduce your tax liabilities without going through all the legal jargon imposed by the federal and state governments, it’s time to ask for professional legal help.

With our tax relief experts, you can ensure that you’ll have flawless documents and a compelling narrative for a successful relief program application.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (410) 847-2588 for your Free Consultation with a Bethesda Tax Relief expert!