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Most adults have to deal with taxes every year. However, there are still intricacies in both state and federal tax laws that most taxpayers are not familiar with. If you fail to file your taxes on time or happen to face other taxation issues, it is best to work with an expert Maryland Line tax attorney immediately.

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Defense Tax Partners is one of the most esteemed Maryland Line tax law firms because of its quick and thorough approach to dealing with tax-related cases. Our tax attorneys have all been trained to provide world-class legal services that will make any situation much easier for our clients to manage. Whether you need help in preparing important documents or representation before the Internal Revenue Service, we guarantee the most favorable outcome you may have if you work with us.

We serve both individual and business taxpayers. Our lawyers will help you understand the regulations and penalties that may apply to your situation. More importantly, we will help you reach a satisfactory resolution while helping you avoid facing the same problem in the future.

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How a Tax Attorney can Help You

One of the most complex legal issues you may face is tax-related charges. Defense Tax Partners knows how seriously tax violations are taken by the government. Without an expert Maryland Line tax attorney, it will be harder or even impossible for you to reach a fair settlement with the IRS. Worse, you may even face a lengthy jail time and a hefty penalty.

We can help you navigate the state and federal tax laws in order to prove your innocence or at least reduce your penalties. We will carefully analyze your situation and look for the best legal action to resolve it.

Here are some of the legal services that our tax attorneys can provide:

Prepare For and Contest Tax Audits

The IRS may conduct an audit of your account due to several reasons. These include—but are not limited to—having a high income, committing clerical errors on your tax returns, failing to report part of your taxable income, and claiming a high charitable deduction. Aside from the IRS, the Comptroller of Maryland Line is also allowed by state law to audit your individual and business taxes.

irs attorney Our tax attorney can help you prepare all the required documents for the audit. We will organize all your supporting documents like bills and bank statements and tell you exactly what to expect. At the end of the audit, you may have a tax liability, a refund, or no tax responsibility changes at all.

Aside from helping you prepare for an efficient audit, we will also help evaluate what triggered the audit and guide you on how to avoid the problem in the future. More importantly, we can help you file an appeal to contest the result of the audit.

Defense Tax Partners will ensure that you have sufficient evidence and witness to turn the assessment around during the informal hearing. However, if you are still not satisfied with the outcome, we are prepared to take the appeal to the Maryland Line Tax Court.

Civil Penalty Relief

If you file a fraudulent tax return, the IRS can impose a civil penalty. Many taxpayers have already faced this verdict, and not one can say it is a pleasant experience. Fortunately, our tax attorneys can help you manage the situation.

Understating your income, listing dependents that don’t exist, or overstating business expenses are classified as tax fraud and can warrant civil penalties. The civil penalty for the said cases is equivalent to 75% of your tax liabilities and interests. This means that you will have to pay your back taxes plus 75% of this amount and all the interest accrued during your period of non-payment.

This can be a great financial dilemma, which Defense Tax Partners will be glad to help with. We will assess your situation and look for ways to explain why you failed to pay the right amount of tax. We will employ an effective strategy to get you the best civil penalty relief and help you regain financial stability at the same time.

Settlement of Federal & State Tax Disputes

There are different taxation guidelines that every resident, non-resident, and business in Maryland Line has to be aware of.

tax settlement and tax levyIn addition to this, the federal government also has taxation laws that every taxpayer must adhere to. All the complex legal jargon might make your case harder to overcome as you face a dispute with the federal or state tax authority.

At Defense Tax Partners, we have Maryland Line tax attorneys who can help you prepare as well as represent you for the settlement of your tax dispute. We are well-versed in how the tax laws work and ensure that your rights as a taxpayer will be exercised as we go through the settlement process.

From preparing all the legal documents to support your case to presenting a defensive narrative that will effectively reduce your penalty or dismiss your charge, we are here to help you settle all your tax-related concerns.

Negotiations on Non-Filing of Taxes Violation

Failure to file the right amount of tax return or not doing it at the right time is a serious violation that warrants severe penalties. If you don’t file a return or pay your taxes when they are due, you are facing a misdemeanor case with a criminal penalty of 1-year maximum jail time and $100,000 in fines. For businesses, the fine may reach up to $200,000.

If you evaded payment by underreporting your tax liability, that is classified as a felony case and is punishable by a maximum of 5-year prison sentence along with a $250,000 fine. Businesses may be required to pay up to $500,000.

Falsifying information in your tax return is a felony punishable with three years maximum in prison and $250,000 in fine. Businesses, however, can pay up to $500,000.

Fortunately, you can avoid these harsh penalties if you choose to act now. Our tax attorneys at Defense Tax Partners can help evaluate your situation and look for the best way to prove your innocence. We will negotiate with the state authority and the IRS on your behalf. Rest assured, with us by your side, the legal process will be less stressful and will end up in a much better conclusion.

Reliable Tax Lawyers

Tax law, like any other legal matter, is a complex subject that only experts can effectively navigate. As a taxpayer, the pressure to understand every guideline is even more overwhelming if you are already facing an investigation for a tax violation.

Tax AttorneysAt Defense Tax Partners, it is our duty to guide those suffering from tax disputes in taking the next best legal action. Our services range from helping you prepare an error-free tax return to appealing an audit assessment and representation during an IRS confrontation. With our years of experience and in-depth legal knowledge, we guarantee the most satisfactory resolution that your situation allows.

Included in our services are the following:
1. Tax Preparation
2. Tax Resolution
3. Tax Lien Removal
4. Bank Levy Removal
5. Passport Reinstatement
6. Offer in Compromise
7. Audit Representation
8. Penalty Abatement
9. Innocent Spouse
10. Wage Garnishment Removal

Our success rate is one of the best in the city. Working with our Maryland Line tax attorney will prove to be a smart move—whether you’re looking to have a tax relief or get your tax violation charge dropped.

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You should not take tax problems lightly, especially when the IRS is already involved. Acting immediately is one of the best steps you can take to resolve your issue. Defense Tax Partners can help you accomplish more with our legal expertise when it comes to settling tax disputes.

Talk to our tax attorney today and find the best way to deal with your financial and legal problems.

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